Haleem demands operation by Rangers in Sindh


Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, said that a considerable number of death of innocent people due to poor law and order in Sindh was PPP government’s New Year present to people of the province who were not feeling secure even in their homes.

A well coordinated operation by Pakistan Rangers across the province particularly in Karachi was the only option to improve deteriorated law and order situation in Sindh and curtail increasing cases of murder, robbery and snatching, Haleem Adil Sheikh said while talking to APP and Pakistan Television here on Friday.

He said that a deep sense of insecurity had developed among citizens of Karachi and they were not safe even at their doorstep as five citizens had lost their lives in the last few days in Karachi while offering resistance to robbers and more than 40 people got injured by robbers.

Sindh police was heavily politicized after promulgation of Police Order 2019 and indulged in criminal activities while outlaws were at large and fearlessly operating across the province, he alleged adding that it seemed that criminals in year 2022 were issued license to kill and rob the citizens as instances of dacoit, car theft, motorcycle snatching and other crimes has increased manifold.

“The situation in Karachi demands a proactive role of federal law enforcement agencies for establishing writ of law and maintenance of law and order in the metropolis,” he stressed.

Haleem Adil said that the criminal elements in Sindh were enjoying impunity and they were not apprehended by Police and in case of their arrest they were freed within no time due to flawed investigation and poor prosecution.

Even the prisons in the province had become safe havens for criminals where outlaws live a luxurious life, re-energize and trained for their future criminal activities.

A young political worker Shahrukh Saleem was shot dead outside his home in PECHS two days ago while a retired Navy officer was killed by robbers in Ayoub Goth area of the metropolis a few days back, he said and observed that no area of Karachi from Defence and Korangi to Nazimabad and Layari was safe.

Another tragic incident of death of 23 people occurred in Tando Jam and Tando Allahyar due to consumption of poisonous liqueur, he deplored and said that Sindh police and Excise departments were responsible for the sad incident in which 4 people had also lost their eyesight while two others were in critical condition.

Whatever happened in Murree was regrettable and warranted action against the negligent officials but incident of Tando Jam and Tando Allahyar was a case of sheer negligence by Sindh Police and Excise department which were headed by CM Murad Shah and Mukesh Chawla respectively, he noted.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 was spreading at an alarming rate in Sindh, which was also the lowest vaccinated province in Pakistan.

He said that Sindh government did not procure a single dose of Covid vaccine while vaccinators in the province were not being paid their salaries.

Instead of gearing up vaccination drive and ensuring observance of Covid SOPs, Sindh government was making arrangements for enforcing lock down because they were interested in closure of business and trade and receiving extortion from trader community.

Karachi is the economic hub and revenue engine of Pakistan that generates 70 percent of taxes of the country and PPP Sindh government intended imposition of lock down for paralysing Karachi to negatively affect tax collection in a bid to create problems for federal government, Haleem asserted and added that PPP had become a security risk for Pakistan due to its anti Pakistan policies and anti people actions.

Haleem Adil Sheikh announced that joint opposition in Sindh will hold a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club on Saturday January 15, 2022, against the black Local Government law of PPP and leadership and workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan and Grand Democratic Alliance would participate in the protest.

All the stakeholders had opposed and eloquently expressed concerns over SLGA 2013 and subsequent amendments because those were in violation of constitution and PPP’s ill intentions had been exposed after notifying delimitation for LG election, Haleem said adding that rural areas were merged into urban localities and towns were created out of a single union council to get favourable results.

Haleem Adil said that Sindh opposition’s struggle was a movement for restoration of the constitution and ensuring fundamental rights of people in Sindh.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan led PTI government is legislating and planning for sustainable development, security and solidarity of Pakistan and welfare of the nation,” Haleem Adil said adding that Imran Khan is the most popular leader of Pakistan who enjoys public support in every province and region of the country and now national assembly as well reiterated its confidence on Imran Khan by rejecting narrative of opposition parties.

Haleem Adil Sheikh also felicitated MNAs of PTI and allied parties for passing important bills in National Assembly of Pakistan and said that all the tall claims of PML-N and PPP reached to logical end. Their announcements about marches to Islamabad in February and March would meet the same fate as they were exposed before the masses.

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