Guidebook on newborns launched ‘Mysteries of Flourishing Motherhood’ gives useful information about dynamic ways of motherhood


Staff Reporter

Emerging writer Asiya Khan Qambrani’s maiden book “Mysteries of Flourishing Motherhood” is all about absolute guidance for parents or future parents to resolve their routine issues relating to problems before or after child birth.
This guidebook takes readers through a journey of absolute guidance as the author has shared her observations and experiences in the book.
Besides her personal experience, the book also contains sufficient research based substances.
The author has spent ample time in Europe and has witnessed dynamic ways of experiencing motherhood healthy and productive ways of raising a newborn and a child at later stages.
In order to provide some useful information to the readers, Asiya Qambrani has interviewed international practitioners in the medical field to enrich her book with valuable and quantifiable information for the new parents.
While addressing the book launching ceremony held at the National Library Auditorium, the speakers said in order to make the book a complete guide for mothers and easy to understand, the author has adequately elaborated the content with examples and images.
While thanking the audience, Asiya Qambrani said “We hear people saying, Motherhood is a sensitive entity, mother & child relation is a sensitive relation, but how many of us have heard saying, “What can make it a problem-solving relation?’ This book is all about solving the problems, she said.
The audience in their views acknowledged the remarkable work of the author and shared their views about the utility of the book.
The book has been made available at the book shops in Islamabad and can be found online for easy access especially for international readers.
Ms Qambrani is a Certified Quality Professional and is currently serving in the field of education. She has been working in the corporate sector for the past several years in the field of Human Capital Management as well as served as visiting faculty at International Islamic University and also delivered lectures at the British College in Greece during her stay in Athens.
She has also co-authored/edited national & international magazines and journals. Her articles have been published in prestigious newspapers of English language.

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