Govt speeds up outsourcing of Islamabad airport


The federal government speeded up the outsourcing of Islamabad International airport on Monday. The outsourcing plan will be made in association with the international financial institution.

The process will also start on the recommendations of Islamabad airport outsourcing and an invitation will be sent to international operators.

The Director General Civil Aviation Authority said that the decision has been made to outsource the Islamabad international airport.

Earlier, the federal government formed an eight-member committee to begin process of outsourcing three major airports of Pakistan – Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

The committee was headed by Director-General Civil Aviation Authority Khaqan Murtaza. In this connection, the committee had written a letter to managers of all three major airports, directing them to provide data of airports aviation ministry.

The letter stated that the committee would also collect information from all directorate branches of three airports.