Govt revives Covid curbs



AS the fourth wave of Covid-19 is proving to be more danger ous with positivity ratio touching eight percent, the federal government has revived several restrictions in selected cities for a period of one month.

Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar, at a media briefing, said that office attendance is being reduced to fifty percent whilst market hours are also being cut.

Furthermore the government has withdrawn the permission granted for indoor dining for the vaccinated people because of very weak compliance seen at the restaurants.

The fact of the matter is that the people are no longer taking the pandemic threat very serious.

Those visiting markets or public places are hardly seen with masks or observing the social distancing. This non adherence to health guidelines is very much reflected in the rising number of cases.

In such sort of situation, the government is left with no other option but to resort to strict measures to protect the lives of the people.

And if the situation does not come under control, it will have to take additional measures which will definitely impact the livelihood of the people especially the daily wagers.

The worst impacted sector is the education as ever since the breakout of the virus, the educational institutes have mostly remained closed. Shutting the institutions again will only further impact the studies of our children.

The situation warrants both the people and the federal and provincial governments fulfil their responsibility vis-à-vis curbing the pandemic

The people must observe caution and fully comply with the health guidelines, the way they did so during the first wave of Covid-19.

Without giving any ears to propaganda against Covid vaccination, the people must get themselves vaccinated without any further delay as it is the only way we can secure lives and livelihoods and take the country towards complete normalcy.

As for the government, it must further accelerate the process of procuring sufficient vaccine, ensuring that the eligible population is administered with the jabs in the minimum possible time.

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