Govt respects court’s verdict on Punjab LBs: Sarwar


Says PDM has no future and its leadership would have to wait till 2023

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has said that the court decision regarding restoration of local bodies in Punjab will be respected in letters and spirit.

He said there is no doubt that 50 percent of problems get resolved through the local bodies. PDM has no future and Imran Khan will be the Prime Minister till 2023.

He was addressing a seminar organized by Anti-TB Association at Governor’s House, Lahore on Thursday and talking to media on the occasion.

Governor Punjab’s wife Begum Perveen Sarwar, PTI Member Zahida Latif, President of Pakistan Anti-TB Association Chaudhry Nawaz, Country Head WHO Mahi Pala, Secretary Primary & Secondary Health Care Sara Aslam and Parliamentary Secretary Health, Nosheen Hamed, were present among others on the occasion.

Chaudhry Sarwar said that the incumbent government is pursuing a policy of strengthening institutions and not individuals, because by strengthening institutions Pakistan will move forward.

Replying to a question, he said if the PDM takes the law into its hands outside the NAB office, the government departments will take action against it and the rule of law will be ensured.

Replying to another question, the Governor Punjab said that unfortunately in democratic governments’ tenure, local bodies get weak whereas they are strengthened during military regimes.

PML-N held local bodies’ elections upon the order of the Supreme Court in their tenure. He said, “We respect court decisions even if they are against us because we believe in the supremacy of law and order.”

Replying to a question on judicial system reforms, Ch Sarwar said that we are ready for reforms in every sector including the judicial system but where opposition and government are not ready to tolerate each other, how can there be a consensus on reforms?, adding he said nothing will be achieved from sit-ins and Long March so the opposition should support the government in legislation for institutional reforms as they are in the public interest.

He said that all the parties in the PDM have their own interests so they have no future and people will see that PML-N and PPP will be contesting against each other in the general elections.

Addressing the event, Ch Sarwar said that early identification, treatment and self-examination are the key factors to save precious lives from TB.

Stressing the importance of clean drinking water, he said that for the provision of potable water to the masses, Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority has been set up that will ensure the uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water to the people of Punjab without any political discrimination.