Govt introducing campaigns to combat climate change effects


A three-member delegation WWF of Pakistan led by senior director WWF Pakistan Dr Masoor Arshad called on Provincial Minister EPD M Rizwan at EPD’s Office on Tuesday. Matters regarding thematic goals of freshwater, forest, wildlife by WWF Pakistan, environmental compliance in SMEs of Pakistan, implementation of environmental laws and governance, wetland and water replenishment initiatives, potential collaboration between WWF Pakistan and EPD Punjab were discussed in details.
Dr Masoor Arshad said that WWF Pakistan was a global environmental conservation organization that aimsed to conserve nature and ecological processes by preserving genetic, species and ecosystem diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources was sustainable both now and in the longer term and promoting action to reduce pollution and wasteful exploitation and consumption of resources and energy.
He explained to the minister that WWF Pakistan already working with different departments in the Punjab and having desired to work with environment department with the aim to see a world where forests were properly valued not just for the wood they supply but for the many other benefits they provide for people and nature. He said that with better protection, management and planning we can continue to benefit from forests, without damaging the environment.
We can even go further, by replanting and restoring forests that have been destroyed or degraded, which can help combat climate, extend and reconnect wildlife habitats, and reduce problems like flooding and erosion.
He further said climate change was a bitter reality that posed a greater threat to our present and future generations. He called for nature based solutions such as large scale plantation drives, promotion of renewable energy and conservation of water resources to address this challenge.
The minister said incumbent government has introduced multiple campaigns and drives to combat climate change, including the Billion Tree Tsunami and Clean Green Pakistan. He said that the scheme CGPI will be helpful to control environment especially in Lahore where index reach at high level due to air pollution caused by heavy traffic and old technology brick kilns etc, the government aims to introduce electric cars to reduce harmful emissions.
The minister hoped that through CGPI issues such as safe drinking water, solid waste management, liquid waste management, city beautification, cleanliness of streets, usability of parks, tree plantation and total sanitation/hygiene would be resolved.
He also acknowledged the efforts of WWF Pakistan in the field of environment and showed pleasure to work with WWF Pakistan. Minister directed to secretary EPD to make a comprehensive report in a week to control environment in the province and forwarded to further process.
Project manager Arjamand Qayyum, senior officer project Adeel Younas of WWF Pakistan, secretary EPD Saima Saeed, DG EPA and other concerned officers were present in the meeting.