Environment of protection be promoted, says IG


Punjab Inspector General of Police Shoaib Dastgir said that success of all initiated IT projects with respect to modern policing and smart working are conditioned with polite behavior, diligent performance and quick response to public therefore, officers should pay surprise visits to police stations and offices in order to improve service delivery and change in behavior of police.
These views were expressed by him while addressing all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs during video link crime meeting at CPO’s Office. He stressed that officers should minutely examine working of deputed staff at front desk, operations and investigation branches and ensure the execution of all tasks in accordance with the defined SOPs of the CPO. He further said that the time of exaggerating and hiding the performance of police was over now because the government, media and public eye on us round the clock and with the help of counter actions, effective patrolling and public friendly policing, the environment of protection in the society may be promoted.
The IGP further said that special attention should be given to arrest the absconders, proclaimed offenders and their accomplices of gangs involved in heinous crimes whereas punishments should be awarded in accordance with discipline matrix to those officers and officials for violation of their professional duties and absconding of accused from police arrests.
He further emphasized that only a single incident of death in police custody washed away the good work of police in all year therefore zero tolerance policy should be adopted and no delay should be observed in such incidents. He further said due to free registration of crimes, number of traced cases should also be increased accordingly only then the performance of police shall stand satisfactory whereas circle officers should themselves write down “Zimni” in case file of heinous crimes.
He moreover said that the environment of trust between police and public can only be ensured with better behavior, observation of merit and improvement in service delivery therefore all officers should impart special briefing to their subordinates regarding public dealing so that they may win the hearts of people by offering their duties effectively.