Govt asked to fill vacant posts in all departments


The Public Accounts Committee on Monday directed the government to fill all vacant posts in different ministries/departments as soon as possible.

The instruction was given during PAC meeting, which was chaired by Rana Tanvir. While taking up appropriation of accounts (civil) Revenue Division, the committee was informed that the concerned division lapses certain amount because it was kept for posting of officers/officials on vacant posts but could not be filled.

Chairman and members of the PAC issued directives to the government for filling the posts in all ministries/divisions and department as soon as possible.

It also directed that the committee should be apprised over such development when happened.

The committee was of the view that there were unemployment and the performance of every sector badly affected over shortage of human resources.

Meanwhile, Chief Whip PTI in National Assembly and member PAC Aamir Dogar informed the committee that transfer of tax jurisdiction of tax from Multan to Islamabad become very difficult.

A commissioner level officials create complication and demanded bribe from people, he blamed.

Over listening it, Chairman PAC Rana Tanvir said if a chief whip of ruling party was unable to transfer his tax jurisdiction then what will be the situation of common person.

He asked Federal Board of Revenue chief Javid Ghani to check such officials who demanded bribe from general public and particularly from Aamir Dogar.

He also asked the FBR to simplify the tax collection system so that people may come forward and deposit their tax return with pleasure.

The current tax system is very complicated and people suffer greatly for their genuine works.

While discussing different audit paras of Revenue Division, the PAC directed all ministries/divisions and department conduct regularly Departmental Accounts Committees.

Such regular DACs would reduce burdening the PAC, the chairman maintained.

The PAC also settled three audit paras of Federal Board of Revenue (Inland Revenue).