Government has no link with NAB arrests PTI has firm belief in institutional autonomy: Governor


Amraiz Khan

Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar has said that Government has nothing to say in relation to NAB arrests. PTI neither believes in vengeance nor it snubs the voice of dissent. Opposition cannot hinder accountability process calling this just revenge. All institutions in country working independently including NAB and Judiciary. We have a firm belief in institutional autonomy and every institution is making sure to work in the best interest of the nation.
Whatever decision comes from our courts shall be given weightage without any discrimination. We have been talking about transparency and accountability from day one which is the very essence of democracy and participatory governance. PTI is struggling hard to put this country on the path of sustainable economic development through its comprehensive structural reform agenda.
Our nation is currently facing difficult times but it must not demoralize us as it is not too distant to see Pakistan thriving with economic progress and prosperity. Governor Punjab was talking to PTI MNAs Tahir Iqbal, Abdul Ghaffar Watto, Rukhsana Naveed and other delegations in Governor House.
Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar said that PTI is the first government in the history of Pakistan which does not interfere in working of any state institution. Strengthening state institutions and restraining political interference in the said institutions were the key points of PTI’s manifesto and it will therefore make sure to act upon its manifesto without any fear or prejudice.
He also said that it seems quite unfortunate when opposition ascribes every step of accountability with the vengeance. PTI has been given mandate by the people to govern them and our party is staunchly committed to safeguard the integrity of its voters. We are taking substantial steps to ensure justice, good governance, transparency and accountability. Judiciary in Pakistan is independent and will provide justice to everyone in the light prescribed laws. No one is above law whether it be a judge, politician or a dictator.
Ensuring and implementing the rule of law has been the chief concern of PTI since day one. He further recalled that the present government is striving towards the welfare of Pakistan and to uplift the marginalized segments of our society.