God’s greatest merciful general | By Malik M Aslam Awan


God’s greatest merciful general

RICHARD A Gabriel had written in his book, God’s Generals, published in 2016; Muhammad (SAWW) Islam’s First Great General shows us a warrior never before seen in Antiquity.

A leader of an all new religious movements who in a single decade fought eight major battles, led eighteen raids, operations.

As a religious leader Muhammad (SAWW) enjoy an unprecedented position not only in the peninsula of Arabia but in the whole world.

He never went to any educational institution or gained knowledge from an Islamic cleric. God Almighty gifted him with unmatched characteristic traits and equipped him with God-gifted knowledge.

He was a great warrior and too merciful towards humanity. His teachings impressed the righteous minds but the ignorant became his enemies and with Divine injunctions he had to migrate to a safer place — Madina.

As Richard A Gabriel dilated Muhammad (SAWW) had fought eight major battles in a decade and led eighteen operations for the cause of Islam.

He always preached to be merciful towards the humanity, while waging war against enemies.

He had given golden guideline parameters to his commanders (1) never kill a child (2) never kill a woman (3) never kill a worker and a farmer in his farm (4) never attack the place of worship, nor kill worshippers busy in their worshipping (5) never kill an old person (man or woman) (6) never kill those who surrender themselves (7) never dilapidate farms, gardens and edibles (8) never set on fire human beings or things in the use of humanity be merciful on war captives and give them due respect and human rights.

Richard A Gabriel is a renowned academician of America who was born in 1942 and nowadays live in Canada.

He served as an army officer in USA and after retirement he joined America’s Army war college and taught there history and politics.

He got relieved there from and joined Royal Military College as Professor and was promoted to the post of Incharge Defence Studies in Defence College Toronto.

He has written forty books. At the age of 74 his book — God’s Great General — saw the light of the day.

He had professed in his book, God’s General that Muhammad (SAWW) is an illustrious warrior of the world and mercy was the main feature of his personality.

His mercy had magnetic power which attracted the poor, the weaker, the down trodden and the indigent.

His mercy had much more attraction than his sword. He always avoided the use of sword except only it became inevitable to save the Muslims from impending disastrous intentions of the merciless enemies.

All pervasive traits of his character made him to be loved by humanity. Illustrating his whole life one would find oneself compelled to admit and utter’ A merciful warrior and savoir of humanity.

Gabriel had enunciated three great persons as God’s Generals. He stated that one of the three Generals was Hazrat Musa (AS) who expunged his followers from the cruel clutches of Pharoh of Egypt and safely took his nation to “Wad-e-Sina, crossing the river Nile.

Musa (A.S) advised to invade the mightier nation living in “Jerusalem” but his followers refused to abide by his injunctions and remained in the Wad-e-Sina wandering to go out but could not succeed till forty years.

His second General is Bhuddah who seeing a horrendous and frightful war left his throne and went to forest.

Gabriel says Hazrat Musa and Bhuddah were great Generals of God but were the saviours of their nations.

His Last General is Muhammad (SAWW) who fought eight major wars in a decade and led 18 raids, operations.

Muhammad (SAWW) led almost 24 expeditions and being successful he established the “State of Madina” to ever remain on the globe till the end of the world, giving birth to a number of Muslim countries in the world.

Now there is not a single corner of the world where Muslims do not exist. Richard A Gabriel had confessed in his book that Muhammad (SAWW) was merciful towards whole humanity.

The Allah Almighty had ordered in Quran-e-Majeed that Muhammad (SAWW) is a blessing for the two worlds — in this world and the world hereafter.

In the World War-I which started on 28 July 1914 and ended on 11 Nov 1918 took almost 1.8 crore lives including 80 lac armymen.

Millions of women were raped during the war. After 21 years of World War-I, World War-II started in 1939 and ended in 1945, in this war almost seven to nine crore of human beings were killed and millions of women were raped.

Two cities of Japan Heroshima and Naga Saki were destroyed by the US, dropping atom bombs on both the cities.

Both world wars were ignited by USA, Russia and their European allies. After the two fatal world wars several expeditions have been imposed on weaker nations by superpowers, in which millions have been mercilessly butchered.

By the blessings of God Almighty a former military man and war professor of USA proclaimed and professed that there is not a single General in the annals of the world except Muhammad (SAWW) who exhibited and preached merciful behaviour towards war victims and illustrated war principles to save mankind during and after – war butcheries, which was the main characteristic of war mongers.

The conquerors of wars always inflicted ignevomous merciless massacre on the conquered nations and as a result of these butcheries panic remained hovering over the world for decades.

Muhammad (SAWW) not only stopped after — war massacre of the conquered nations but also enacted illustrious principles of war to save the humanity from wholesale massacre and cruelties of the conquerors.

Muhammad (SAWW) is admittedly the greatest warrior of the world, imparting the lesson of mercy and benevolence on mankind.

It is the most illustrious aspect of his life that he remained weeping whole nights of his life for the benediction not only of his followers but also for the whole humanity.

Same is the reason that the merciful, the omniscient, the omnipotent, the omnipresent God Almighty had ordained the whole mankind that Muhammad (SAWW) is “Rehmat-ul-Almeen” benevolent for the whole mankind.

—The writer is author of English Book on current affairs and independent analyst, based in Islamabad.


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