From KnowAll to LearnAll . . !


A few decades ago, the family doctor reigned supreme! From a common cold to cancer, families sought his advice. His word was the gospel. His clinics were full.
His diagnosis was good, his manner amiable, but alas, there were times, when he lost a patient or two, and his clients slowly started drifting to specialists.

Today most everybody does and the good old GP has returned to treating common colds and leaving cancer and covid to specialists!

But not so the rest of the KnowAlls! Many of us who have achieved a reasonable amount of success, think we know most everything, from raincoats to rockets, from rabies to babies! We forget, we attained success because of our initial thirst to learn.

That, as we increased and applied the knowledge we gathered, we moved on and up. Unfortunately, the confidence that comes from this ‘moving up’ makes us start ‘looking down’ on information that does not come from our own two lips.

Suddenly we become KnowAlls! Very many leaders, both corporate and political, fall and fail later, because of this feeling that they know everything, not realizing it was the advice and thinking of others on which they step-laddered themselves up! What can we do to prevent this mighty fall?

Well, first Mr KnowAll needs to start realizing he has been blessed with brains to be able to pick the right person with the right specialized knowledge to be able to remedy or tackle a specific situation.

That the GP doesn’t walk into the operating theatre with his scalpel and stethoscope but uses his intelligence and knowledge to get the best surgeon to produce healing results.

Or, he decides to specialize, studies further, and learns all. Either by learning all, or by going to someone who has learnt more, he moves from being Mr KnowAll to Mr LearnAll.

Two thousand years ago, a God who created all of us, and knew about every feeling, physical or emotional we go through, decided to enter back into , the world as a man to experience firsthand what his creations were undergoing.

Just imagine, God, who we believe is an all knowing God, willing to learn more, and He did. He found out first hand what human suffering was, the kind of hypocrisy that existed and many more instances of misery that his created ones were undergoing.

If God an absolute Know All decides to become a Learn All, who are we to remain in our ignorant state of remaining KnowAlls and ruining the world through stupid political policies, and silly leadership ideas?

Let us ourselves become LearnAlls and also start electing national leaders who are willing to learn, not ones who think they know it all.

Only with such humility, will we as a people, a nation or a world, move forward! Change from a KnowAll to a LearnAll..!

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