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Healing Balochistan wounds

Nobody wins if Pakistan suffers and its citizens have a sense of deprivation. The decision by PM Imran Khan to initiate the process of healing wounds and alleviate the sense of deprivation amongst the citizens of Pakistan belonging to Baluchistan was long overdue.

It will yield desired results only if we accept that the people living in Baluchistan and former FATA were wronged, suffered miseries, displacement and even death because of the ill- advised and selfish adventurism of Zia and Musharraf juntas and others.

The choice of the individuals given the task to bridge the gaps, heal the wounds for the benefit of Pakistan’s sovereignty and cohesion will depend upon the confidence and trust the individuals enjoy amongst those who are aggrieved.

Our known enemies have exploited those who feel aggrieved. We must talk to even those who have taken up arms.

Political dialogue alone can achieve the breakthrough. We as a State must accept that we have made mistakes and restore the trust of those who feel betrayed.

The State must perform the role of a mother, willing to soothe and heal. Time to restore the vision of Quaid’s modern democratic welfare state.

For over a decade Musharraf pursued strategic depth beyond our borders, only to yield depth to terrorists and extremists within our geographical boundaries.

Earlier Zia pushed this country to fight America’s proxy war, despite the fact that there is a long history of the US exploiting the greed of a few to achieve their short-term strategic objectives, only to pull out, and let the host country face consequences.

We witnessed this happening under the Ayub junta, when they imposed sanctions in 1965, although we had defence pacts like SEATO, CENTO etc.,

which were one-sided only for the benefit of American strategic goals. Citizens of this country living in areas adjacent to the Afghanistan border bore the brunt of sufferings.

Afridi on Pakistan team

Recently, Shahid Afridi made a strong statement regarding the selection of Pakistan cricket team and blamed the selectors.

Shahid Afridi said Pakistan’s managing selectors selected some inexperienced players who had only one or two good innings in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

He further clarified that first let the new players play domestic cricket after performing well in domestic then select them in the team.

I totally agree with Shahid Afridi’s views and this could be the reason for two major losses in the first ODI series against England.

We, the fans of the Pakistani cricket team, see poor performance in both the ODIs. As such, I urge the Cricket Board of Pakistan (PCB) to take immediate action against this issue.


toward WC

The T-20 World Cup has been scheduled to be played on the 17th of October 2021. Every team is eager to gain the victory and vying for the top.

But the irony is that our national team has been showing poor performance during the season.

One wonders if management is doing politics in cricket because the senior players are not given opportunity to play for the team.

Since the seniors are out of team; so the team has continuously faced huge losses during the series against England.

Even Pakistan had its best playing team but they were not given chance. Here it is obvious that Pakistan is very backward as compared to other teams. If Pakistan wants to be back on top so it must respect its seniors and give them full chance.


Choosing a career issue

It’s verily well said by someone that: “Pakistan has guided missiles but unguided youths which is the real asset of the nation.” Unfortunately today’s youth is deprived of career counselling.

Choosing a career without career counselling is a dilemma. Without career counselling one faces multiple problems, especially a condition generally known as double mindedness.

A person is imposed on others’ choices to pursue a career in, especially, their parents decide degrees for their offspring without knowing that everyone has different personality and capability. Not only parents but friends also discourage by saying the same.

Some of us remain confused about our career because we aren’t sure where our interests lie, and it is a phase where a student suffers from anxiety.

A student after matriculation is told either to select Pre-Medical to be a DOCTOR or Pre-Engineering to be an ENGINEER. But he’s not told that he can pursue his career in any other field except these two.

If someone studies and unfortunately could not make it to medical university, he gets perplexed as to what career he should opt now. It is because they had no personal interest and did degree on desire of others.

And if a student knows about other fields it’s common that he is not allowed or is said that it has no career or scope in Pakistan (if any individual personality is not allowed to pursue a career in other fields, how would that field have scope?).

It is seen more common in developed countries that children are not imposed on others’ wishes, which makes students jack of all trades and those countries have scope of every degree because they value the capabilities of students, not the degree.
Larkana, Sindh

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