France leading cases of sexual abuse by European clergy | By Muhammad Saleem


France leading cases of sexual abuse by European clergy

AT A TIME when major European countries are actively engaged in targeting adversaries and third world countries on the pretext of human rights and religious abuse: the sexual abuse by members of the catholic clergy in Europe, with tens of thousands of victims worldwide over several decades, has come out as an unprecedented issue of injustice.

Among media reports, most notorious and shocking have been identification of an estimated 3000 paedophiles in French catholic church’ clergy. A detailed report published on 5 October 2021 made following shocking revelations:-
An estimated 330,000 children in France were sexually abus ed.

Some 3000 priests and an unknown number of other church people are involved in child abuse.
Among those 3000 clergy members, two-thirds are allegedly diocesan priests.

Catholic authorities covered up the wrong doings over decades in a systematic manner.
The “vast majority of victims were boys, many of them aged between 10 and 13.

Church in France is one of the badly affected by the abuse affairs. The independent commission on sexual abuse in the church (CIASE) in June 2021 concluded that an average of 40 children per year is sexually abused in france by catholic clergy and officials.

According to the head of enquiry Jean-Marc Sauve, the report found that the level of abuse was specifically bad from 1950 to 197.

“From 1950 to 1970, the church is completely indifferent to the victims: They don’t exist, the suffering inflicted on children is ignored. The periods that followed were different,” Sauve told in an interview to Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

According to media reports, it remains unclear as exactly what actins the church will take against offenders and in many cases prosecution could be unlikely because the abuse took place beyond French statutes of limitations.

The case of defrocked French catholic priest, Bernard Preynat sentenced to five years in jail in 2020 for sexually abusing boy scouts in his care between 1971 and 1991 was initially protected and covered up by his superior.

“There has always been collusion between the church in France and the Vatican to protect perpetrators of abuse. The church has been too moderate in following the word of God and taking care of the smallest and the weakest.”

Report of independent Inquiry into child sexual abuse gave an appalling insight into other European catholic churches as well, which is as follow:-
The catholic church of England and Wales swept under the carpet allegations of sex abuse involving its numerous catholic clergy.

The Roman catholic church is haunted by a never-ending clerical sexual-abuse crisis but the investigations into the crisis have brought to light more of cover ups than justice served to victims. A treaty between Italian government and the Vatican, which guarantees immunity to Vatican officials, is influential in protecting the crime of sexual abuse by the clerics.

European powers’ turning of blind-eye towards religious crimes of its own while pushing throughout the world terms/ phenomenon like “radical Islamic terrorism” and “Islamophobia” is an open expression of their bigotry.

Highlight ‘Holy nexus between western government and church is suppressing different forms of rights abuse in their own countries for their vested interest. While highlighting Islam as a religion of peace and justice, project French church organizations failure to recognize sexual-abuse or religious crimes as illegal acts rather encouraging their rise by staying silent.

Church officials long stalled efforts to investigate complicity in crimes of abuse and morality expose real face of France, Germany and UK who are acting as flag bearers of human rights, gender equality and inclusive tolerance.

Criticize the role of international HR organizations for their selective discourse on rights violations including children and women abuse in countries like Pakistan,, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China and African countries.

Urge US and other major powers of the world to disband catholic church and seize its assets in every country they operate for misusing its powers in the name of God.

Promote the sanctioning/ Boycott of France for gross violation of human rights. It is not just third world countries that are plagued with accountability crisis but the first world countries like France also terribly lacks a clear or transparent system in place.

Highlight France church’s failure in not only preventing abuse but also in reporting it and at times internationally putting children in contact with predators.

France has set an example of protecting its bishops/ clergy above law and at the cost of its innocent children.

Judiciously exploit the involvement of religious organizations in sexual abuse crimes and absence of proper safeguards and justice mechanism for the protection of European children, women and men.

Highlight catholic church as a rouge religious organization and European states as rouge states.

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