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CHINA’S engagement with Afghanistan is really admiring which should also encourage other countries in the region and beyond to come forward and steer the war torn country out of dire economic and humanitarian crisis.

During a meeting with Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi in Uzbekistan, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Beijing will resume issuing visas to Afghans from 1st August and allow ninety eight percent of Afghan imports to enter tax free.

Afghanistan’s economy had gone into freefall after the Taliban takeover, with the central bank’s foreign-held reserves frozen, Washington and other donors halting aid and the United States ending deliveries of hard currency.

The very trade concessions announced by China indeed will provide some support to the Afghans and their economy.

At present Afghanistan is not a major exporter to China, though the latter has imported some Afghan pine nuts and other goods in what it characterized as an effort to relieve the Afghan people’s difficulties.

The latest announcement indeed will go a long way in bolstering the Afghan trade with China.

Pakistan separately is also engaging with Afghanistan and importing coal and other items from it.

Both Pakistan and China have also expressed the desire to extend China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project to Afghanistan.

Such a course indeed will trigger economic activity in the country and help it move on the path of development and restore permanent peace.

Other countries should also follow the suit. Sanctions only increase hardships of the people.

Afghanistan has remained under turmoil for the last many decades and presently the flash floods and a severe earthquake has further necessitated the need of economic and humanitarian assistance for the Afghans.

Turning a back at this point in time will only further aggravate the situation and provide a ground to the terrorist groups to exploit it.

The decision rests with the international community whether they want continuation of instability in Afghanistan or heal the wounds of Afghans.

Engagement indeed is the way forward. The international community whilst lifting sanctions on Afghanistan must extend necessary assistance to rebuild the country.

By the way of engagement only, the world can use its influence on Afghan setup to ensure human rights of all.



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