Fog returns to blanket parts of Punjab; 4 die in Gujrat accidents

Staff Reporter

Different sections of the motorway were closed while four people were killed in three accidents in Gujrat as fog engulfed Lahore and other parts of Punjab on Thursday night and Friday morning, forcing the closure of different sections of the motorway.

According to reports, as soon as the fog descended on the Punjab cities, sections of the motorway from Lahore to Sialkot, Lahore to Pindi Bhattian and Lahore to Sumundri were closed for traffic. Giving a reason for the closure of these roads, spokesman for the motorway said that the step was taken to ensure the safety of the road users since visibility in these areas had dropped to even 50 meters. He counselled the motorists to use fog lights.

Dense fog, reported from other parts of Punjab, including Okara, Sahiwal, Narowal, Pakpattan, Muzaffargarh, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala, Sargodha and Manga Mandi, brought routine life to a halt. Sections of the motorway from Lahore to Abdul Hakim and Summundri to Pindi Bhattian were closed for all kinds of traffic.
The dense fog also disrupted flights’ and trains’ schedules.

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