FM: Kashmiris to bring struggle of self-determination to logical end

Our Correspondent

Kashmiris are an alive nation and they are determined to proceed ahead to secure their destination of freedom”, said Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi and top leaders of the Pakistan Tehreeek e Insaf (PTI).

Addressing a mammoth public meeting held in connection with the electioneering of the PTI for scheduled July 25 AJK general elections here on Sunday he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has emerged as a bold and courageous leader of Pakistan and the true ambassador of Kashmir cause raising the importance of early settlement of Kashmir issue the world over – under his everlasting bold spirit and determination that he would neither bow nor will put himself on sale in greater national interests of the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was the Chief Guest on this occasion. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood said that Indian media was extremely scared of Imran Khan.

The foreign minister said that time has come to rise against the reign of state terrorism and violence let loose by the Indian occupational forces in the Indian Illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir (IIOJ&K).

Shah Mahmood asked the people to make the PTI complete successful in the scheduled general elections to pave the way for the emergence of the PTI’s government in Azad Jammu Kashmir with a land slide victory.

Addressing the congregation, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that he has come here to ask for the vote only in the name of Imran Khan, who, he added, made the name of Kashmir alive the world over because of his unequivocal, bold and courageous stance on Kashmir.

Lambasting Nawaz Shareef, Sheikh Rasheed said that NS skipped from the country to get the medicine – but did not get back.

Rasheed said that Kashmiris will never retrieve from Kashmir – since they would leave no stone unturned to bring the struggle to its logical end in all circumstances.

Sheikh Rasheed said “since Imran Khan is emerging in Azad Jammu Kashmir on July 25 through the land slide victory of the PTI in the scheduled AJK polls, the PTI’s triumph in the elections will particularly be celebrated in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir”.

The PTI leader asked the people to vote for Imran Khan making the PTI complete success by putting on the party’s symbol of ‘bat’ in the polls.

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