Fee for booking plots at Super Highway cattle market reduced to Rs100



The fee for cattle sellers for booking place at the biggest cattle market of Asia, located at Super Highway, has been reduced to Rs. 100, while allocation of the place in the market will go through automation this time, and the receipts for cows and goats will also be issued from the same counter at cattle market. Coming of animals to the cattle market from different regions of the country to be sacrificed on the day of Eid-ul-Adha has begun.

The market management says that this year for the convenience of sellers and buyers, cold drinking water drums will be placed at every short distance at the market so that the people, sellers and buyers will have free cold drinking water in the hot weather of the summer season.

Spokesperson of the cattle market pointed out that like every year, to facilitate the traders and buyers, ATM machines of different banks have been installed this year too at the cattle market, including opening of temporary banks’ counters.

Elaborating further, the Spokesperson of the cattle market said that the procedure for the booking of place has been totally changed for the sellers who bring sacrificial animals to the Super Highway cattle market and this time plots will be booked through automation. Representative present on the counter will take picture of the seller and he will give a receipt to the seller which consists of three parts. One part of the receipt would be deposited in the bank, and second part will be given to the market management, while the third part belongs to the seller.

According to the Spokesperson of the cattle market, the booking fee for reservation of the place has been reduced to Rs 100 this time, while the fee for bringing sacrificial animals into the market has not been increased as well.