Farrukh highlights ulema’s role in looming hybrid war

Staff Reporter

Highlighting role of religious scholars in neutralizing looming threat of hybrid war, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib asked them on Tuesday to create awareness among masses on matters of national security.

Addressing a brainstorming convention on “National Integration: Strategy to interact among different schools of thought”, he described modern era as an age of information and said “there is a war of opinions in the world right now.”

Impending risk of fifth generation war made enormous addition to the responsibilities of all the sects’ religious scholars who remained in constant contact with people at socio-religious levels, he added.

People come to you to seek your guidance on different matters, so the State of Pakistan wants you to play due role in building positive public opinion on matters of national importance,” he remarked and assured the religious scholars of all sorts of cooperation from the government’s side.

Farrukh said the EU Disinfo Lab had recently revealed as to how India was involved in spreading propaganda against Pakistan around the globe with the help of fake websites and fake accounts made in the name of journalists and others.

“Pakistan is an atomic power and playing vital role not only in the region, but also in the world, which is being acknowledged by the international community,” he said while pointing out serious efforts made by the government in ensuring success of Afghan Peace Process.

Prime Minister Imran Khan would continue to play his role in peaceful political settlement in Afghanistan, he said, adding “We want to give peace a chance as Pakistan does not want to be part of any conflict.”

He said the CPEC had become a source of irritation for the neighbouring country India, which was striving to create hurdles in its execution.

India deliberately hatched conspiracies against every such initiative, which it thought, would bring socioeconomic development and prosperity to Pakistan.

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