Experts accuse US of using Xinjiang to interfere in China’s domestic affairs



A group of Chinese experts have criticized the United States for adopting double standards on counterterrorism and deradicalization and using Xinjiang-related issues as a tool to interfere in China’s domestic affairs.
The experts, who specialize in studies in the fields of human rights, international relations and anti-terrorism, made the remarks at a seminar held recently in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Wang Yu, an associate researcher with the Institute of Chinese Borderland Studies, said China’s anti-terror measures implemented in Xinjiang in recent years have provided a new solution to the global fight against terrorism.
For some time China’s Xinjiang has seen frequent incidents of terrorist attacks, but over the past nearly three years, there have been no such incidents in the region, Wang noted.
Gu Liyan, a researcher with the Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, accused the United States of using human rights issues to erode public trust in governments of some other countries and create social conflict and unrest there, so as to attain its global hegemony.
“Whatever measures or policies China implements on counterterrorism and deradicalization will never accord with the so-called human rights standards of the U.S.,” she said.
Li Wei, a researcher with the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said education and training centers were established in Xinjiang in order to prevent trainees from falling victim to terrorism and extremism.
China’s measures on deradicalization offer a successful case study to the international community and have won widespread recognition and acclaim, said Li.
Shu Hongshui, an anti-terror expert at Northwest University of Political Science and Law, said the U.S. adoption of double standards on counterterrorism and deradicalization is intended to curb China’s development.
The propaganda warfare waged by the United States and some other Western countries against China on Xinjiang-related issues is unable to conceal their strategic anxiety and predicament, Shu said.—Xinhua

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