Envoy daughter ‘abduction’ Taliban urge Pakistan to ‘arrest, punish’ culprits


The Afghan Taliban have urged Pakistan to “arrest and punish the perpetrators” involved in the reported abduction of the Afghan envoy’s daughter so that “spoilers don’t have ground to misuse” the incident.

Selsela Alikhil, the daughter of Najibullah Alikhil, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan, was allegedly kidnapped and held for several hours by unknown assailants who left her with injuries and rope marks.

Suhail Shaheen, the official political office spokesman for international media, also condemned the incident in a tweet. He added that Islamabad needs to “step up efforts” to arrest and punish those responsible so that such acts do not “give rise to hate between the two nations”.

Pakistan authorities are currently investigating the reported abduction with Prime Minister Imran Khan issuing special directions to the interior minister for finding and punishing the culprits.

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