Eid gifts distributed among orphan children


To celebrate EidulFitar like other children Eid gifts consisting on new cloths, shoes and cash were distributed among orphan students o AghoshAlkhidmat. Al-Khidmat Foundation organized an Eid gift distribution ceremony at the Agosh Hostel for orphans students in Chitral. In this regard, new clothes, shoes and cash were also distributed to 47 orphans students of Aghosh.

There are 47 orphans staying in Aghush-ul-Khidmat who are regularly given modern education, as well as their health, food and stay are also free of cost. Aghosh administration caring them to provide all kinds of facilities. These children have been given the name of brave children so that they do not feel inferior by calling them orphans. Since Eid is for children and on the occasion of Eid. Parents buy new clothes, shoes, etc. for their children and also give them Eidi (cash amount). So on the arrival of Eid, new clothes, shoes and Eid were also distributed among these children that they do not feel the lack of their parents. And don’t feel inferior or suffer from status complex.

These Eid gifts for orphans were sent by Islamic Circle of Japan. Al-Khidmat Foundation district president Abdul Haq distributed Eid gifts among these orphans. While talking to our correspondent, AbdulHaq said that 47 children are being accommodated here with us in Agosh Hostel, in addition 53 children, we are taking care of them at their homes under the Family Support Program.