Drug addiction prevention and awareness

By Fahad Afzal

“Dua Rehab” is a drug addiction prevention and awareness organization that deals with the prevention and the possibilities of cure in different ways in the addicted person. The basic aim of this organization is to make drug-free Pakistan.

This organization has hired some volunteers to run our organization and work in the major cities in Pakistan (Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad).

Each city consists of quality volunteers. This organization is working to get both financial and sponsors so that we can work more productively.

These types of organizations play important roles to uncover the challenges faced by drug addicts and made them prosperous and healthy individuals of society.

Such type of organizations applies practicable solutions to get rid of drug addiction and identified the reasons and effects of drug addiction.

Behind substance use, issues are individuals, individuals with genuine accounts of the battle and win.

Medication and alcohol exploitation stories are typically shadowed by short, anonymous sections on the news.

In any case, there’s a more profound, human component in every story that is time after time untold.

This is the genuine example of overcoming the adversity of a medication addicted who is recovering now.

Find out about their routine, and figure out how medication misuse treatment has assumed distinctive however fundamental parts in their lives.

Zahid’s Success Story: Addiction Recovery
One of the habit’s overviews is that it just influences those with useless families or a background marked by misuse. However, when we talked with Zahid, we took in his story challenged those thoughts.

I wish I had some story to enlighten you concerning my unpleasant, oppressive, and disregarded adolescence. I began drinking. When I drank, I turned into an alternate individual.

That, as far as I might be concerned, was an opportunity however it later became jail. I planned to carry drinking with my companions.

We went to a serious secondary school and most children considered drinking to be a social blunder. I returned home and I chose to discover a specialist for treatment. I disclosed the entirety of my issues that I’m a heavy drinker.

My specialist aware me of my first support who sent me to my initial 12 stage meeting. I had each come again not to go. In any case, when I arrived, I remained.

I hesitantly continued onward. This wasn’t however many youngsters in recuperation as this are today.

I needed to begin my life without any preparation. All that I put stock in, all that I was about, and my discernment on life needed to change.

On account of “Dua Rehab Drug Addiction Prevention and Awareness Organization,” my life has turned around completely.

I have some time of recovery as of now. In my work, I have gone from someone that my accomplices endeavored to avoid to someone who is now and again looked out for master and individual direction and advice.

I feel that I am a superior specialist, father, and resident today than I anytime was beforehand. This association saves lives. I’m a living confirmation model.

Drug addiction is not a symbol of moral failure or absence of determination, it’s an intricate infection that merits long haul, broad therapy, very much like some other constant condition.

Individuals who have not battled with substance misuse may think that it’s hard to comprehend why anybody would begin utilizing it.

There are, truth be told, numerous reasons why a few groups go to or begin manhandling drugs, and shockingly the outcomes can be life-breaking.

While each case is remarkable, there are general examples that demonstrate why a few groups use drugs, how compulsion creates, and the outcomes of medication misuse.

Chronic drug use is one of the serious issues in agricultural nations. Since these nations have youthful populaces, they are at more serious dangers of enslavement.

The youthful populace open to a higher danger as a significant and the weakest gatherings.

Issues of pubescence, young people, and youth personality emergency and psychological circumstances can be considered as significant elements for the inclination of this age bunch towards enslavement. Enslavement is a social infection that has physical and mental inconveniences.

Assurance of reasons for chronic drug use assumes a significant part in the wellbeing arranging.

The point of this investigation was to decide the significant reasons for illicit drug use in addicts.

Problems Faced By A Drug Addict In The Sober Community:
The drug addict youngster faced many problems in their community and the habitants of society judge them and criticize them badly. Here is a portion of the notice signs that a kid or youth might be utilizing substances.

Behavioral Signs: Change in generally speaking demeanor or character for no other explanation; Changes in companions, new hang-outs, escapes old group, doesn’t have any desire to discuss new companions, companions are drug clients.

Drop-in grades at school or execution at work play hooky or are behind schedule for school.

Change in close to home prepping, propensities at home, not inspired by family and family exercises.

Difficulty focusing, absent-mindedness. Loss of inspiration, energy, confidence, “I couldn’t care less” mentality.

Temper fits, unexpected oversensitivity, or angry conduct. Moody, crabby, jumpy, senseless, or thrilled. Extreme need for security, difficult to reach, secret or doubtful conduct.

PHYSICAL SIGNS: Changes in craving or dietary patterns, unexplained weight reduction or gain. Slow or amazing walk, helpless coordination. Problems resting, alert at uncommon occasions, strangely languid.

Red, watery eyes, understudies bigger or more modest than expected, clear gaze. Hyperactive, incredibly loquacious.

Sickness, vomiting, or inordinate perspiring. Tremors or shakes of hands, feet, or head. Irregular heartbeat.

There are some common challenges faced by drug addicts in their community and drug prevention centers.

Exactly when people start mulling over halting prescriptions and liquor, they consistently imagine that recovery is just about restriction.

Coming up next are presumably the most generally perceived troubles people insight during their first year of recovery from obsession.

Emotional Problems; People’s Hate; Ignorant Behavior by Community; Unusual Desires; Relationship Problems; Financial Problems; Psychological Issues; Transitioning Home; Backslide/Regress; Depression; Fatigue.