Doctors to get increased allowances with July’s salary


Staff Reporter

Post Graduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Hospital (PGMI & LGH) Principal Prof. Dr. Sardar Mohammad Alfareed Zafar said doctors would receive new salaries along with increased allowances on August 1, which had been sent to their accounts.
In a statement here on Thursday, he said the Punjab government had won the hearts of doctors community by taking this historic initiative. Now, it was the duty of doctors community to act upon the health vision of the present government and provide best possible services to the patients in response to this historic package awarded to them by the provincial government, he added.
Giving details, Principal Prof. Alfareed Zafar said remarkable increase in basic teaching allowance had been made and for Grade-17, it has been increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 22,778 which was no doubt a historic step. Similarly, for Grade-18 this increase would be from Rs 1000 to Rs 28763, Grade-19 from Rs 1000 to Rs 29605 and Grade-20 Rs 1000 to Rs 34545.
Principal PGMI/LGH said Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) had also been increased for Grade-17 from Rs 4000 to Rs 22778, Grade-18 Rs 4000 to Rs 28763, Grade-19 Rs 6000 to Rs 29,605 and Grade-20 from Rs 6000 to Rs 34545.
Prof. Alfareed Zafar further said Health Professional Allowance (HPA) had also been enhanced for Grade-18 Rs 19175 to Rs 28763, Grade-19 Rs 19100 to Rs 29605 and Grade-20 Rs 19192 to Rs 34545 which was a great news for the doctors community.
Principal PGMI/LGH Prof. Alfareed Zafar added that all increases in pay package announced in budget by the Punjab government which was 10 per cent for Grade-1 to 16 and 5 per cent for Grade-17 to 20 had also been included in the salaries of July and would be paid to all the employees on 1st of August. He congratulated all doctors for these special incentives and expressed hope that it would ultimately leave positive signs on their performance.

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