Digital buyers demand increases to avoid coronavirus spread



Like other countries, Pakistan online shopping sites for grocery stores, meat shops, food chains and other clothing brands has witnessing its digital buyers’ demand high amid to avoid coronavirus in public gatherings.
Online retailers in country are seeing a sudden surge in online shopping as consumers stock up food and relying mostly on social media shopping sites for their essentials because of the coronavirus spread.
According to online retailers and meat shop owners, both customers who want to avoid the crowds and those who are running into empty shelves at brick-and-mortar stores are turning to the internet to shop.
The online shopping has more than doubled during the last one week as compared to the normal days, as Internet-based trading start providing online door step services to their customers on different websites to facilitate them, they added.
As more consumers try to avoid human contact, we speed up our home delivery services for the facilitation of common people at their door steps, said a resident of Karachi while speaking to private channel.
Due to coronavirus, people are now using online services and giving orders from different areas of the city to fulfill their needs, said another clothing brand owner Zaib Jamshaid.
The Internet has penetrated into our lives and everything is at our fingertips now, he said, adding that as a result, we as sellers are benefiting and the e-commerce business is thriving all over.
The amplification of online shopping in Pakistan is mainly because of the government advise to avoid public gathering in shopping malls and other places, said a citizens of Lahore city.
Hundreds of retailers, ranging from clothing outlets to grocery stores, are now using websites to sell goods to customers and taking full advantage of the coronavirus situation.
A citizen of Karachi Aslam Waqas said more people were doing their shopping online and there was higher than normal demand for delivery slots and that customers appear to be placing larger orders. “Our meat shop has increased delivery capacity and the situation has normalized,” said a meat seller, adding that the users could now get delivery on their door steps with quick services.
Online sellers said that retailers and e-commerce firms have started to stock up their products in their stores to ensure that they can continue supplies in case of any uncertainty, said a citizen Javed Pasha.—APP

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