Dengue mosquitoes would heavily increase during monsoon: DEAN IPH

Staff Reporter

Dengue mosquitoes breeding would increase during Monsoon season which also enhances the number of dengue patients.

Apart from a vigorous anti dengue campaign from the concerned government departments, enthusiastic participation of the general public in the campaign is inevitable to check the dengue breeding.

People should remove discarded items like old tyres , plastic bottles and other useless things from the roofs of their houses so that rain water does not accumulate in these things which ultimately become dengue breeding hot spots.

It was stated by the Dean Institute of Public Health ( IPH), Prof. Dr. Zarfishan Tahir in a statement regarding dengue prevention measures, here on Saturday. She further said that people should also check flower pots, lawns , room coolers, refrigerators, trays etc to remove stagnant water to eliminate dengue breeding sites.
Dr. Zarfishan said that like malaria, de

ngue fever is endemic in our country which surfaced during favourable climate conditions and it is our collective responsibility that everyone should play an active role to control dengue spread.

She said that dengue virus only spreads due to bites of female dengue mosquitoes, it can’t transfer from the dengue patients to another person just by any sort of contact or eating/ drinking with him.

Dr. Zarfishan Tahir further said that people should especially take care of their houses and do not allow accumulation of water and dispose of solid waste and useless articles to check dengue hotspots.

She said that residents have a very pivotal role to play in eradication of dengue from their premises.

Dean IPH asked the people to extend cooperation with the Health Department’s Indoor surveillance teams visiting their houses for this purpose and get awareness regarding removing dengue hotspots in the houses.

Dr. Zarfishan vowed that IPH will join hands with the government and fully participate in the anti-dengue campaign by taking all necessary steps at the institutional level.


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