Demand for charter of economy



WHETHER somebody recognizes it or not, it is a fact that different segments of the society including the business community are greatly perturbed over the current political instability and uncertainty as it is hurting them badly and they want reversal of the current situation so that the country could be taken in the right trajectory.

During an International Chambers Summit, business chambers urged all political parties to sign a charter of economy before the next general election, warning they would boycott the elections if the political leadership failed to build a consensus on the country’s fragile economy.

Separately lawmakers belonging to the ruling coalition on Thursday while expressing concerns over the economic situation called upon financial managers to take tough decisions to overcome the crisis, and also stressed the need for a charter of economy saying it is high time that all stakeholders develop a consensus about the future economic course of action.

The very idea of charter of economy was coined by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar during the previous tenure of the PML-N and then repeated calls were made for it, but no progress or practical step has ever been seen taking towards that end.

Now the latest call made by the entrepreneurs coupled with warning as well as the lawmakers is something which should not go unnoticed.

We rather believe that other strata of society should also come forward and pressurize the political leadership in the same manner in order to compel them towards the charter of economy.

On the sidelines of the summit, the business chambers also held a meeting with President Arif Alvi who also stressed the need for political stability and said the public as a whole should play a positive role in order to collectively come out of this time of difficulty.

It will be unfair not to appreciate the wiser role being played by President Arif Alvi who has tried to serve as a bridge between the PDM government and the PTI but his efforts so far appear to be producing no results because of intransigence of certain elements but we are confident that he will continue his efforts to take the country towards durable stability.

People like those belonging to the business community should extend full support to the President in his endeavours.

For the charter of economy, the political leaders will have to leave behind their egos and put the national interest supreme.

Definitely, every political party has its own manifesto and agenda but there are certain issues particularly relating to the economy where there should not be any politics but a broader consensus to tackle them head-on.