CTD arrests terrorist of banned outfit



The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) on Thursday arrested a terrorist associated with a banned outfit from District Central.

According to the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) officials, the arrest was made from the city’s area of Aisha Manzil.

The terrorist has been identified as Ali Raza, who has admitted to killing people of rival groups, the Counter Terrorist Department said.

It was further learned that one of the associates of the Ali Raza has been arrested by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) earlier, while he fled the country after the crackdown.

The outlaw was taken into custody when he was regathering his team for terror activities after his return to Karachi.

Arms have been recovered from the terrorist, while further investigation is also underway, the Counter Terrorist Department said.

Earlier in the month of June, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in a raid in Lyari had arrested a suspect said to be a member of the proscribed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Counter Terrorist Department team in a raid at Mirza Adam Khan Road of Lyari had arrested accused Ubaid ur Rehman alias Capri with a hand grenade, officials said.

Accused Ubaid Capri had been involved in six incidents of sectarian killings, according to Counter Terrorist Department officials.


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