Crush these terrorists



The recent surge in acts of terrorism is a matter of serious concern.A policeman was martyred and at least six others wounded in a suicide blast in the federal capital on Friday.

Due to timely action by intelligence agencies and police, a major tragedy was averted in the capital.

Separately, the Deputy Speaker of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly escaped an attack in Peshawar. A couple of days back the terrorists also had besieged the Bannu CTD compound.

Peace was largely restored in the country as a result of relentless operation by our security personnel against the terrorists.

During this process, our security personnel also rendered their blood to secure the future of the country.

But these remnant elements are once again raising their ugly head which must be crushed in their dens. This will be the best tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for peace and stability.

It is a matter of satisfaction that the top military leadership is fully cognizant of the threat faced by the country.

During a visit to North Waziristan, Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir said Pakistan Army remains focused on the evolving security situation and that they are determined to take the battle to terrorists.

Indeed these monsters deserve no mercy at all. The very statement of the Army Chief indicates a big operation against the terrorists in the days to come.

Whilst there is need to pre-empt the terrorist acts through better intelligence coordination such as the one seen in the federal capital, the threat posed by TTP should be taken head on.

The Afghan side should be informed in categorical terms that enough is enough and any further use of its soil by the TTP would evoke a strong reaction from Pakistan.

We respect the sovereignty and integrity of Afghanistan but responsibility also rests with its government to fulfil its commitments made with the Pakistani authorities.

Sanity must also prevail within our political circles as the terrorists only exploit the situation of political instability.

These are extraordinary times and all the political parties should get together to steer the country out of both security and economic challenges.