Crackdown on illegal encroachments, constructions and land mafia

City Reporter

On the directions of the management of the Capital Development Authority, the Enforcement Department, with the help of the district administration and Islamabad Police, has launched several operations against illegal encroachments and constructions in different areas of Islamabad, In which illegal buildings, houses and other illegal structures were demolished.

The operations were launched from Saidpur area of Islamabad where an illegal room, 3 four walls and a gate were demolished with the help of heavy machinery.

While taking action in Ameer Market in Sector I-10/4 of Islamabad, a plaza whose basement was illegally accessed through a sidewalk with illegal gates, the illegal parts of which were demolished by the Enforcement Department using heavy machinery
The owners of the plaza under construction at Zia Masjid in Shakrial area of Islamabad, who were constructing on government land beyond their limits, were also demolished with the help of heavy machinery and construction materials were seized.

Later, three new under-construction DPCs were demolished on the hilly area of Chajal in Bari Imam area on the outskirts of Islamabad.

An illegal plaza was demolished at Sarai Mado in Sang Jani area of Islamabad, some part of building was on government land, which was demolished with the help of heavy machinery, where locals resumed construction of the plaza, On public complaints, the enforcement department immediately mobilized and stopped the construction work and seized all the construction materials.

On this occasion, the CDA administration said that protection of government land is our top priority and the anti-encroachment drive to make Islamabad an encroachment-free city will continue as per the directions of the Federal Government

It should be noted that for the last several months, the CDA’s enforcement department in the Federal Capital has been conducting continuous operations against illegal encroachments and constructions, which have resulted in the relinquishment of billions of rupees of government land.

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