Covid threat from Afghanistan


ACCORDING to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Covid-19 pandemic is spiralling out of control in Afghanistan with cases rising 2,400 per cent in the past month, hospitals filling up and medical resources quickly running out.

Acting President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society said, in a statement, that the country was at a crisis point in the battle to contain Covid-19 as hospital beds are full to capacity in the capital Kabul and in many areas.

There are genuine apprehensions that the situation could further deteriorate because of the raging battles in different parts of the country.

As American troops are withdrawing, there are intense battles to gain control of various districts, which mean beginning of yet another phase of conflict and instability especially when the Kabul Government lacks the power and authority to ensure peace.

Under these circumstances, efforts being made to check the spread of the virus including those by the ICRC would receive setback, imperilling life of the people.

The rising threat would also have implications for neighbouring countries including Pakistan as thousands of people cross international border daily both through legal and illegal points.

Movement of such a large number of people could pose a serious challenge to the authorities concerned in Pakistan, therefore, a well thought-out strategy will have to be adopted to ward off the danger.

Pakistan Government has worked hard in its fight against Covid-19 and the results are visible but the gains could be threatened if foolproof precautionary measures were not taken on Pak-Afghan border.

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