Corruption goes unchecked at police stations


Irfan Aligi


Corruption in Police goes unchecked at Police Stations’ level. Even a complaint against lost or stolen Computerised National Identity Card, any document, bike or car can’t be lodged with any Police Station without offering bribe. The investigation section of Police is famed for minting money from the accused or from his family. Minting money from bikers and from luggage transporters is open and rampant on streets of Karachi. Traffic Police personnel rather than controlling traffic, they chase and force a truck driver to park his truck or other luggage carrying vehicle and extort money from them.
With the rise of social media as free media, people have grabbed numerous scenes of such on street corruption and uploaded them on Face Book or Twitter, which went viral and the Inspector General of Police, Sindh Dr Syed Kaleem Imam also took notice of those viral video. However, the menace of corruption rampant and unchecked inside Police Station especially by the Investigation remains locked inside rooms.
One such example of ‘inside the investigation corruption’ fully describes the menace is in full swing and that the IG and other Police high ranked officials have to hunt down such corrupt personnel and officers and after the elimination of this ‘inside the investigation corruption’ the Police could be transformed as public-friendly Police and the gigantic efforts of the IG Dr Imam could bear fruits.

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