Concern over ZAB medical college closure


Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


The provincial cabinet of Peoples Doctors Forum KPK met under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Nisar Khan and expressed deep concern over the rolling back the Z.A Bhutto Medical College. The cabinet members Dr. Hussain Afridi (SVP), Dr. Daud Iqbal (G.S), Dr. Faheem (Finance Secretary), Dr. Abkar (Deputy G.S) and Dr.Murad Ali (Spokesman) participated.
All the members expressed their concerns over the closure of the ZAB Medical College project. However, a letter bearing No-1-12/SPO-1/P&D/Health/2018-19 Dated:25-06-2019 addressed to concerned department has closed the project and has handed over its assets to the provincial government.
Prof. Dr. Nisar Khan expressed his deep regrets over the decision which reflects the narrow mindedness of the Govt. No body can deny the services of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed rendered for the people of Pakistan and Muslim world. This decision will deny the people of Peshawar and its adjoining areas of their basic right of health and will adversely affect them.
Dr. Nisar President PDF demanded the Govt. of KPK and Health Department to review this decision otherwise PDF will agitate this decision at every forum including KPK Provincial Assembly.