CLAS holds seminar on ‘Lawfare and Kashmir’ at TMUC

Staff Reporter

Center for Law and Security held a seminar on “Lawfare and Kashmir” at TMUC. Mr. Rehman Azhar, Executive Director, CLAS started the discussion by highlighting the legal sig-nificance of Indian actions on August 05, 2019 and the way India is trying to change the dynamics of Kashmir dispute through the use of lawfare.

Paki-stanis and Kashmiris have a strong legal case and after August 5th 2019, this case has become even stronger.

Ms. Maleeka Bokhari, Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice mentioned how Kashmiris have faced curfews, lockdowns and torture by India.

She said that India’s lawfare hasn’t been limited to Kashmir only. She praised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as they presented the case of Kashmir in an exceptional manner.

Mr. Mohsin Kamal, Director Legal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed the United Nations Security Council Resolutions which mention that the Kashmir issue is to be solved in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiris.

Ambassador Abdul Basit, former High Commis-sioner to India said that Indian actions on August 5 were not sudden. Pakistan should have anticipated and prepared well to counter it.

The session was followed by a question and answer session which focused on the way forward for Paki-stan in terms of Kashmir and lawfare and what steps needed to be taken in order to build a cohesive nar-rative regarding Kashmir.

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