CJP on false testimony


ADDRESSING police offices during his visit to Central Police Office in Lahore, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa observed if an investigation officer produces false witnesses in any case, he would also be held equally responsible for crime. He said false witness should not be made part of any record as it had been a practice for the last seventy years and it should be discouraged at all levels.
The assertion of Chief Justice Khosa is indeed per Islamic teachings according to which if part of a testimony is based on lies, it should be rejected. False testimony is one of the key flaws in our judicial system and it is heartening to note that the CJP from day one has taken a very strict stance against it that will go a long way in ensuring that courts only dispense justice to the masses impartially and on merit. The CJP has already given many judgments against false testimony with actions taken against fifteen false witnesses till now. This journey towards truthfulness will also help restore public confidence on the system and courts. The unequivocal remarks by Asif Saeed Khosa and actions he already has taken against false witnesses will definitely compel investigation officers to shun past negative practices and perform duties honestly by unearthing real clues and facts of the case.
For this, capacity building of investigation officers by imparting them exclusive training and providing sound technical facilities enabling them to perform their tasks more professionally and efficiently is also very important and cannot be ignored. Police Reforms Committee constituted earlier this year by the CJP to address deficiencies in current criminal justice system especially in the context of police laws, must also give recommendations to remove grey areas in the investigation process.

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