CJP has a responsibility



At present, the country is passing through very difficult situation especially on the economic front and it is only through collective efforts and wisdom while keeping the egos aside that the matters can be moved in the right direction and economy can be put on the path of stability. We have no doubt in saying that those sitting in the government are fully cognizant of the economic issues and the problems faced by the common man. This is the reason that regardless of liquidity crunch the government has taken some important measures to extend relief to the deserving families. These include increasing the stipend under Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and provision of free flour to the deserving families. The coalition government has also fulfilled almost all the conditions to secure the next tranche from the IMF which in fact will unlock inflows from other lenders such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank and help the country significantly increase its foreign exchange reserves.

However, at the moment, the IMF has delayed the program as external financing is one of the last in a string of prior actions the international lender wants Islamabad to complete before it clears funding. To secure funding both from the friendly countries and the IMF, it is very important that we ensure a stable environment free of uncertainty in the country. Addressing a news conference the other day, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif whilst alluding towards the economic and constitutional crisis warned that the dollar may touch five hundred rupees. It is really time to demonstrate greater maturity and pursue the course that serves the national interests. Responsibility in this regard also rests with the institution of judiciary which has always been at the forefront in safeguarding and protecting the state interests.

A three member bench headed by CJP UmarAta Bandial is currently seized with an important case regarding elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. Given the significance of the matter, the coalition government is praying the CJP to form a full court to hear the case. The petitioner, the PTI, is also not opposed to it. PTI Chairman Imran Khan himself has made a statement in this regard while Pakistan Bar Council is also demanding the same. We are confident that the honorable CJP will steer the apex court out of controversy and accede to the demand as the decision made through collective wisdom on this most significant case will have wider acceptability and save the country from plunging into turmoil.