Citizens Foundation launches Rs500m Covid-19 response appeal to fight crisis


The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has launched a Rs500 million COVID-19 Response Appeal to battle the devastating impact of the Coronavirus crisis in Pakistan. The organization will be dedicating 20% of all Zakat, Sadqah and donations received during this crisis towards providing essential relief to impacted communities and support to frontline healthcare professionals and volunteers, who need help urgently. With the contribution to the TCF Covid-19 Response Appeal the organization will provide: Relief to families facing extreme economic hardship. With thousands of TCF teachers and alumni guiding this effort in the most vulnerable communities, support will reach those who need it the most. Support front line healthcare professionals and volunteers with the equipment, testing kits and protective gear they urgently need. Ensure continuity of the learning process for millions of children who are currently forced to stay away from school. President and CEO of The Citizens Foundation Syed Asaad Ayub while talking to media here Saturday said COVID19 impact is felt most acutely in the communities we call home, and as in the past, “we are committed to being there when they need us the most.” We are resolved to do this with the belief that our supporters and volunteers who have built this movement over the last 25 years will continue to sustain it through this crisis. We will get through this together!” Through its educational programmes, The Citizens Foundation has expanded its network in vulnerable communities across Pakistan and is directly connected to the lives of more than 266,000 students and their families; 12,500 teachers and principals; 40,000 alumni; and 120,000 adult literacy learners.


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