Citizen ‘tortures’ traffic cop after being fined



A citizen got outraged after being fined in Karachi and started torturing a traffic cop and vandalising the traffic police section office.

Traffic police now become active in the metropolis as the Sindh High Court (SHC) directed the traffic police to take action against the use of tinted glasses, sirens, revolving lights, hooters, and unauthorized number plates in vehicles across Karachi.

The traffic cop fined a driver for using tinted glasses in the vehicle which outraged the man. The citizen tortured the traffic and tore his uniform. Later, he approached the Sharea Faisal traffic police section’s office and vandalised the assets.A dispute occurred between the sub-inspector and driver over locally tinted glasses, the driver allegedly beat the officer, tore his uniform, and wrecked the assets of the traffic police section’s office at Shrea Faisal.According to police officials, the driver was arrested and a case was filed against him at Shrea Faisal police station.