Defeat conspiracy of enemy by unity: Tessori



Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesuri has said that we have to defeat every conspiracy of the enemy with our unity, in this regard the role of Ulama is very important. He said that the amalgamation of religious and contemporary education in Jamita-ul-Rashid makes it a distinguished and unique educational institution.

The Governor of Sindh said that hundreds of students of Mufti Abdul Rahim are spreading the light of religion all over Pakistan.He expressed these views while addressing the twelfth annual meeting of Jamiat-ul-Rashid Alumni Association. On this occasion, Chief Mufti Abdul Rahim, a well-known religious scholar, Maulana Tariq Masood, Sheikh Al-Hadith Mufti of Jamita Al Rashid, teachers and others were also present on this occasion. Governor Sindh said that he is grateful to Mufti Abdul Rahim for inviting him to Jamiat-ul-Rashid again.

He said that the establishment of Jamiat-ul-Rashid al-Manai is also welcome. Kamran Khan Tesori said that my signature in the charter of Al-Ghazali University is a matter of great happiness, Al-Ghazali University will provide better opportunities for higher education to students, while 40 departments of Jamiat-ul-Rashid will play an important role in the promotion of religious education. are doing, while the best professionals are also emerging from Karachi Institute of Management and Sciences (KIMS). Governor Sindh said that the use of latest technology in Jamiat-ul-Rashid is also commendable.

He further said that I will try to give full support and cooperation in all the projects of Jamiat-ul-Rashid. He further said that Jamita Al-Ghazali will also be a bright example for other universities. Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori said that Jamita-ul-Rashid is thought of for Pakistan, that’s why coming to Jamita-ul-Rashid brings peace of mind and heart. He said that by visiting Jamiat-ul-Rashid, I realized that the work that the state should have done, Alhamdulillah, Jamiat-ul-Rashid is doing. The Governor of Sindh said that Mufti Abdul Rahim, the Patron of Jamiat-ul-Rashid, is a person whom one would like to meet again and again.

The Governor of Sindh said that Jamita-ul-Rashid has ended the theory of separation of religion and religion which was given by the West, today religious education and contemporary education are also being given under one roof in Jamita-ul-Rashid.

He said that after the migration to Pakistan, we forgot for what great purpose we had migrated; many such defects have been created in us, which have worsened the conditions of the country. Kamran Khan Tessori said that we have the best talent in the world, yet we are not able to develop, after all there is a problem, due to which we have to watch this day.

Governor of Sindh while talking to the students of Jamiat-ul-Rashid said that our religion is so good that it even tells us that even when you are performing ablution; do not waste water, the morals of Islam and the bright face of Islam. I get to see. He said that there is no doubt that our country is suffering from an economic crisis.