China, Pak to join Russian military exercise in Sept


China and Pakistan besides
some regional countries
will participate in the
“Centre 2019” Russia Military
Exercise scheduled to
be held from Sept. 16 to 21,
according to a Defence
Ministry spokesperson.
Senior Colonel Ren
Guoqiang said at a regular
press conference that
China will send around
1,600 soldiers from the
PLA West Theatre Command,
around 300 pieces
of military equipment and
almost 30 fixed-wing aircraft
and helicopters to
join the “Centre 2019” ex-ercise in Orenburg, the
largest one Russia is holding
this year.
Focusing on “multinational
combined forces
conducting group countterrorism
missions to protect
military security in
Central Asia,” the exercise
will also be joined with six
other nations including
Pakistan, Kazakhstan and
Participating in the upcoming
Russian exercise is
designed to strengthen
Sino-Russian comprehensive
strategic partnership
of coordination, deepen
pragmatic and friendly cooperation
in the military
It is not targeted to any
third party or related to any
specific regional situation,
he added.—INP