CDA continues repair work of damaged streetlights, traffic signals

City Reporter

The Capital Development Authority has repaired the street lights in Islamabad during the last rains and restored the power system in the highways, streets and neighbourhoods so that the citizens don’t face any difficulties

It should be noted that at present more than 85% streetlights are working properly while the CDA administration is rapidly rectifying the minor defects in the remaining streetlights.

In addition, the CDA street lights department with the help of 130 staff performed duties in different times has repaired street lights in Islamabad and rectified minor faults in transformers damaged during the recent monsoon rains which have been repaired and street lights restored

In addition, street light staff also played the role during Eid-ul-Azha, the CDA’s Street Lights Department performed its duties efficiently to save the citizens from difficulties, and was instrumental in keeping the traffic flowing in the city.

At present, 87% of traffic signals in Islamabad are working in their proper condition, which the CDA administration opens or closes with the help of traffic police, while the remaining 13% of traffic signals are being repaired rapidly.

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