CDA constructing ramps, washrooms at parks, markets

City Reporter

The Capital Development Authority is constructing special ramps and washrooms at parks and markets in the federal capital for the facilitation of special people.

According to the details, on the direction of CDA management, parking space should also be allotted near the ramps in accordance with international standards for the convenience of special persons with at markets and recreational places.

Restrooms are also being built and separate parking lots are being designated for them. The construction of washrooms has entered the final stages.

In addition, the building construction by laws have been amended to make it mandatory for the buildings to have ramps, parking and washrooms to accommodate the needs of special people.

The purpose of these initiatives is to provide a pleasant environment for special people in recreational areas so that they too can participate in healthy activities.

In addition, the Department of MPO and MR&R is working on lane marking and safety science throughout the city.

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