Buzdar a symbol of trust and transparency: SACM


Says bondmaids set new records of telling lies for sake of petty jobs

Amraiz Khan

Special assistant to CM on Information Dr Firdous Aashiq Awan has said that the bondmaids of Maryam Safdar have become mentally ill after successive failures.

SACM Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the bondmaids are quite disheartened after the PDM fiasco as nothing is left for them to cheat people again.

The names of incapable political bondservants of Maryam Safdar will be written on the top when the story of PDM’s collapse will be written, she said and advised the political thralls to remember their worth before speaking against CM Usman Buzdar.

In fact, the bondmaids are nonentities and they should remember that Usman Buzdar has not come into power through some backdoor like their masters.

Similarly, he has not extorted commissions in projects nor received any kickbacks as this was the favourite modus operandi of bondmaids’ masters.

She said the self-appointed Khadim-e-Aala used to award contracts all by himself and held meetings with the contractors in the past.

On the other hand, Usman Buzdar does not award contracts nor hold meetings with contractors, she said

. Usman Buzdar is a symbol of trust, honesty and transparency and no one could dare to make a dacoity on state resources, she added.

The bondmaids are setting new records of telling lies for the sake of continuing their petty jobs but this will affect their end on doomsday.

They are also confounded due to the elimination of the culture of commissions and kickbacks, concluded the SACM.

Meanwhile, Secretary Tourism and Archaeology Department (TAD) Capt (R) Mushtaq Ahmad chaired an online orientation meeting with the World Bank’s (WB) team at PTEGP office.

Task Team Leader (WB) Ms Kiran Afzal, Tourism Consultant (WB) Umar Yar Khan, Project Manager PTEGP Waqas Malik and Specialist (Monitoring and Evaluation) Usman Wazir attended the meeting.

During the meeting the secretary TAD was briefed about the ongoing schemes of the project costing Rs55 million with a gestation period of 5 years.

“The objective of the project is to enhance tourism as a product and infrastructure of the tourist sites, particularly, roads,” said PM PTEGP.

During the discussion, the destination investment management plan was discussed in which the Secretary added that tangible results are required especially the hilly areas of the province.

“Along with archaeological sites we also need to focus on religious tourism as well because we have got very important religious sites all over Punjab that need to be taken care of”, observed the Secretary.

“Shuttle service to be introduced from Rawalpindi to Murree for sightseeing purposes for the visitors,” the secretary added.

Site Management Plan (SMP) with respect to tourism at different sites including religious as well as archaeological sites was discussed during the meeting.

Regarding the TIC (Tourists Information centres), the secretary directed to introduce Tourists Information Centres (TICs) at motorways and airports to facilitate more tourists seeking information about sites.

The PTEGP team briefed about the tourism application and flagship website to which Secretary TAD directed to make them user friendly for both national and international audience. It was also decided to further review ongoing schemes in coming days.






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