Bus fares increased up to 100%, using fake lists


City Reporter

For the second time within a year, the transporters in Karachi have raised bus fare from 50% to 100% per without any government notification; allegedly using fake fare lists.
According to commuters of different intra-city coaches and buses, mini-buses’ routes in the city, after the increase in prices of high speed diesel (HSD) and CNG, the transport operators including those of Shama, F-11, Datta coaches and of mini-buses W-11, 17-J, S-2, W-21 have started charging extra Rs 10 to Rs 20 from each commuter and that too on the basis of fake fare lists containing spelling and language errors.
They pointed out that according to the new fare structure, the maximum fare of intra-city coach is Rs 50 against the earlier fare of Rs 30, while mini buses are charging maximum fare of Rs 45, which was Rs 30 before the recent hike. Similarly, the minimum stop-to-stop fare is fixed at Rs 25 and earlier it was Rs 15.
They maintained that when passengers including women and the elderly ask the bus conductors to show government notification/fare lists with government stamps and decline paying the extra fare, they are forced to disembark the vehicle.
They also alleged that the buses and coaches mostly did not complete their routes in continuity of old practice of the transporters.
This adds to the problems faced by a large number of commuters travelling daily for their workplaces and educational institutions.