Biggest tree plantation campaign


PRIME Minister Imran Khan has expressed the resolve of his government to launch the biggest ever tree plantation campaign in the history of the country in the coming monsoon season.

In a tweet, he drew Pakistan’s comparison with some other countries of the world in respect of trees per person and urged the people especially the youth to gear up for the massive drive as we have a lot to catch up.

Environmental issues are top priority of almost all countries of the globe but the situation is more worrisome for countries like Pakistan where forest cover is depleting rapidly due to various reasons.

According to the United Nations, Pakistan is among the six countries that face the biggest impact from climate change with risks of floods, melting glaciers and droughts.

Climate change not only has serious consequences for the agro-based economy of the country but also a hazard for the health of its citizens.

It is really a matter of concern that Pakistan’s forest cover is now one of the lowest in the world – just five percent of the land as compared to the global average of 31%. As a leader, the Prime Minister has sensitized people by pointing out that Pakistan just has five trees per person, while all around the world, there are 422 trees for every person.

It is encouraging that he is not just highlighting the issue but his Government has active plans to tackle the problem on a sustainable basis with plans of adding ten billion trees till 2023.

The PTI Government in KP succeeded in raising the forest cover of the region from 20% to 27% and this model can successfully be replicated across Pakistan with the active collaboration of the provinces.

Luckily, in Malik Amin Aslam, the Government has a vibrant Minister for Climate Change, who is determined to change the landscape of the country through massive forestation that would also create employment opportunities.

We hope that besides plantation, the Minister would take the provinces on board on the issues of cutting of forests and forest fires that have assumed alarming dimensions.


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