Biden’s condemnable remarks


US President Joe Biden continues to hurt the sentiments of the South Asian people. After annoying Pakistanis when he described their country as one of the most dangerous nations in the world that possessed weapons without any cohesion, President Biden whilst addressing war veterans in California, targeted Afghanistan saying it is a godforsaken place.

The use of such lexemes for another sovereign and independent country and that too by the head of a state of a superpower is really condemnable which only reflects that he lacks the diplomatic decency and civility.

These ups and downs are part of life. Nations also pass through difficult and tough times but this does not mean that others start rubbing salt on their wounds.

Biden’s remarks definitely have done the same, for which he should seek apology from the brave and valiant Afghan people. The US itself is also responsible for the current condition of Afghanistan.

The Afghan land was first used as a battleground for the Cold War between the US and the (erstwhile) Soviet Union and then the Americans directly invaded it in the so-called war on terrorism.

We understand that the very remarks of the US President also reflect his desperation as his forces’ mission in Afghanistan was a total failure.

After two decades of war with the Taliban, the US troops withdrew from Afghanistan last year in August, which only led to an immediate collapse of the US- backed government in Kabul.

There should definitely be desperation in the US ranks as when they had invaded Afghanistan, Taliban were in command and soon after their withdrawal, this group again assumed power without any resistance.

This failure also cost the US heavily as according to some estimates the longest military intervention in US history cost Washington about $2 trillion and took the life of more than 2,400 American soldiers since 2001.

It will be better for the US side to forget this bitterness and rather move ahead and engage with the Afghan government for good and cordial relations.

If the US and its western allies are interested in healing the wounds of the Afghan people, they should lift sanctions on Afghanistan so that they could better develop economic and trade relations with other countries.

This is the only way through which sustainable peace and security can be ensured in Afghanistan which is also important for the peace of the region and the world at large.


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