Armenia persists in blame-game


IN the face of humiliating defeat on military front in its conflict with Azerbaijan, the leader of Armenia is trying to take refuge behind allegations of involvement of other countries in the conflict and practical participation of forces of some countries in the war. In a latest twist of events, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has alleged that Pakistani Special Forces, alongside Turkish troops, were fighting alongside the Azerbaijani army in the two countries’ conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.
Similar allegations emanated from Yerevan earlier as well, which were promptly rejected by Pakistan and once again Islamabad has termed remarks of the Prime Minister of Armenia as baseless and unwarranted. His remarks were, in fact, an indirect admission of losses being incurred by Armenia in the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan in which Azerbaijani troops are fighting valiantly to defend their motherland. Allegations of Armenian PM are also an attempt to gain sympathies of international community, which is supporting the just stand of Azerbaijan and is critical of the aggressive designs of Armenia. Pakistan and Turkey do not need to send troops to Azerbaijan as Azeri President Ilham Aliyev had also clarified his stance on the matter, stating that Azerbaijani forces were “strong enough to defend their homeland” and did not need the help of foreign forces.
Frustration of Armenia is also evident from its repeated missile attacks on civilian targets inside Azerbaijan, which have evoked strong condemnation from the world community. Pakistan has consistently and rightly extended diplomatic, moral and political support to Azerbaijan and is determined to continue to stand by the brotherly nation of Azerbaijan in supporting its right of self-defence against any aggression. This is principled stand, which is shared by most of the just minded members of the international community and instead of indulging in rhetoric; Armenia should end aggression and respect territorial integrity of Azerbaijan as envisaged in relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

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