Anti-Pakistan propaganda



SOCIAL media activists and dissident elements sitting in western countries have once again become active to spread fake news and are engaged in disinformation, defamation, libel, incitement of violence and agenda setting to malign Pakistani government and state institutions for vested interests. Indeed this is not acceptable and those behind it must be exposed.

Revelations by EU DisinfoLab last year as to how India is engaged in discrediting and undermining Pakistan are very much fresh in the minds of people and we have no doubt in saying that hostile agencies such as Indian RAW are also behind this latest propaganda campaign.

India has been employing such dirty techniques against Pakistan for a long time and further intensified in recent years by sponsoring terrorist activities and media propaganda against Pakistan to destabilise it. It is a matter of satisfaction that authorities concerned are alert to this threat.

Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on several occasions has not only alluded to this threat but also vowed to win this warfare with nation’s support.

Also over recent malicious campaign, government has taken a very serious view and shared their nefarious activities with respective governments hosting them.

They have been asked to cooperate with Pakistan to bring them to justice as per laws of their countries and laws of Pakistan.

While we should definitely use leverage and all means including political, diplomatic and legal to bring these detractors to justice, it is also for major capitals to come out of hypocrisy and shun double standard, if they are really interested for peace and stability.

It is an open secret now that India masquerading as a victim of terrorism is a state sponsor of terrorism and a purveyor of anti-Pakistan propaganda globally.

It is really surprising that without any check India is using western land for its ugly propaganda campaign.

It is for authorities of these countries to take cognizance of this situation and initiate steps to hold accountable those who misused their procedures and laws.

We must also share evidence in this regard with all world bodies including the UN. At the same time we must also work sincerely in improving country’s positive perception.


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