Drug menace



THE danger that is getting less attention yet is much more deadly to Pakistan is that of drugs. Its trafficking and consumption poses serious threat to country’s security as well as health.

In his message on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed on Saturday, President Arif Alvi rightly pointed out for regional cooperation to check illicit cross border drug trade to save future generations.

It is heartening to note that Pakistan has almost become a poppy free country, however, Afghan opiates is still trafficked through Pakistan by international drug players.

One the one hand, we definitely need to enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies to check this trafficking yet at the same time heavy responsibility also rests with regional countries to play their part in this fight.

Regional countries must sit together to firm up a strict mechanism against these killers. Dangerously, Pakistan’s 7.6 million young population is addicted to drugs.

70 percent girl and 40 percent boy students, particularly in universities, are addicted to life threatening drugs and they are increasingly becoming addicted to ice, hash and heroin.

This drug addiction has its own set of problems such as crime, violence, theft and terrorism. This situation warrants a robust strategy on part of the government to combat this threat.

A full-fledged operation should be launched against drug mafia on the pattern of war against terrorism.

This mafia cannot be eradicated without freeing law enforcement agencies from black sheep.

According to a report emerged on anti-drugs day, at least 465 officers and officials of Punjab police have tested positive for use of liquor and 235 for use of heroin, cannabis and ice.

Strict disciplinary action needs to be taken against all those personnel providing support to drug mafia.

In addition, awareness must be spread by including education against drugs a part of curriculum.

There should be zero tolerance in educational institutions against the drugs rather all campuses should be declared smoke-free.


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