Another earthquake of 4.4 magnitude hits Pakistan


ISLAMABAD – Another aftershock struck Pakistan on Thursday, as the region reels from a devastating earthquake that killed ten people on March 21.

Thursday’s quake jolted several cities in Punjab including Sargodha, Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Faisalabad, Nakana Sahib, and Mianwali. Initial reports claimed that the earthquake struck at 4:38 pm while its epicenter was 30 km southwest of Sargodha.

The aftershocks continue following a strong earthquake that shakes parts of Pakistan and neighboring countries including India, and Afghanistan on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in today’s earthquake, no casualties or injuries have been reported so far. People however are panicked as tremors were felt in major cities.

The shaking even sent many people fleeing from their residences and offices as people run fanatically reciting Quranic verses.

South Asian region is prone to violent seismic upheavals, and the worst incident was reported in 2005 when thousands were killed mostly in Kashmir.