ANF seizes 5496 kg drugs, 3 women among 53 held

Staff Reporter

Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 5496.405 kg narcotics valuing US$ 360.33 million in international market, arrested 53 culprits including three women, an Afghani and a Nigerian national besides impounding 20 vehicles while conducting 54 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country.

According to ANF spokesman, the seized drugs comprised 47.701 kg Heroin, 5341.128 kg Hashish, 70 kg Opium, 3.655 kg Amphetamine, 24.389 kg Met amphetamine (Ice), 0.701 kg Cocaine, 1900 Al-Prazolam Tabs (0.290 Kg), 25 MDMA Tabs (0.013 Kg), 3922 Ecstasy Tabs (2.288 Kg), 3.900 kg soaked suspected drugs and 2.340 kg suspected stone shape material.

ANF Balochistan recovered 4029.900 kg Hashish in three operations and arrested an accused besides seizing a vehicle. The seized drugs were dumped for handing over to some other narco gang.

ANF Punjab recovered 722.524 kg drugs in 16 operations and arrested 15 accused with eight vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 32.625 kg Heroin, 626.800 kg Hashish, 30 kg Opium, 0.455 kg Amphetamine (Ice), 24.164 kg Met amphetamine (Ice), 3800 Ecstasy Tablets (2.240 Kg), 2.340 kg suspected stone shape material and 3.900 kg socked suspected drugs.

ANF KPK recovered 7.99 kg drugs in five operations and arrested five accused including an Afghan national and seized two vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 4.500 kg Hashish, 3.200 kg Amphetamine (Ice) and 1900 Al-Prazolam tablets (0.290 kg).

ANF Sindh recovered 722.04 kg drugs in 11 operations and arrested 10 accused including two women and seized four vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 5.14 kg Heroin, 676.900 kg Hashish and 40 kg Opium. ANF North recovered 13.951 kg drugs in 19 operations and arrested 22 accused including a woman.

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